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What is LaStone® Therapy?

  • LaStone® Therapy was introduced in 1993 by Mary Nelson of Tucson, Arizona in the United States. During this time Mary was a massage therapist who wanted to find a way to work more deeply without causing further damage to her own joints and muscles. This form of hydrotherapy uses heated and chilled stones to deliver a deeply therapeutic, relaxing and grounding, deep-tissue treatment. LaStone uses the principles of thermotherapy, cryotherapy, geothermotherapy, deep-tissue manipulation, and energy work are all used in perfect combination.

Thermotherapy is...
  • the application of heat to the body for pain relief and health.
Cryotherapy is...
  • the therapeutic use of cold and is frequently used for the rehabilitation of injuries.
Geothermotherapy is...
  • the application of either heated or chilled stones to the body for the purpose of changing the physiological responses within the body to promote healing.
Original Body is...
  • a full body LaStone® treatment that lasts for one and a half to two hours, depending on the client’s current state of health. During this period your entire body is worked simultaneously for the duration of the appointment. In traditional full body massage, you have each limb worked for a short period of time, so that by the end of the treatment you have had your whole body worked. During the Original Body LaStone treatment the therapist will place stones for you to lie on.

    Each stone is placed to stimulate or sedate the central nervous system, to work the muscles, to increase blood supply and to comfort you. The therapist will place stones on you and will hold stones throughout the treatment in their hands, working them deep into the muscles. The placing of stones is not random: each stone and its temperature is specifically chosen for the work the stone is required to do. Some stones are worked and removed, and some are worked and tucked in for a prolonged effect. In this way, the therapist can treat the entire body at once.

More about LaStone® Therapy can be found at the official website for LaStone® Therapy, the Original Hot and Cold Stone Massage!

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