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Heidi Ogden is a Registered Massage Therapist who is committed to providing a safe, effective, drug free approach to health care. She graduated from West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2002. Heidi is interested in learning about your goals for therapy and developing a treatment plan that will fit your lifestyle. Each individual has unique requirements for achieving a balanced body and one of Heidiís objectives is to adapt her approach to accommodate your needs.

Heidi has a strong base in Swedish Massage which she feels gives her the tools to approach a diverse clientele. This type of massage can be used as the foundation for deep tissue treatments, breaking up adhesions within the muscular system and increasing circulation to aid in healing. Swedish massage also provides relaxation for tense muscles. Additionally, Heidi is trained in Myofascial Release, which addresses the fascia, or connective tissue within the body. Fascia can restrict and adhere many tissues including muscles, blood vessels and nerves. Releasing these adhesions can be an important part of injury rehabilitation and the treatment of chronic pain.

Heidi is also a certified LaStone® Therapist and often incorporates the benefits of both hot and cold stones as a hydrotherapy application into her treatments. There are times when overworked muscles have forgotten how to relax and massaging out the knots can be very tender. Fortunately, our bodies become more pliable when heat is utilized. Instead of using a heating pad, which requires the therapist to cover up the area of focus, hot rocks allow the therapist to heat the tissue and massage the muscles at the same time; it is said that, "one pass with a stone is worth ten with a hand." After softening the muscles and connective tissue with the stones, Heidi then switches to hands-on and uses the most appropriate techniques to restore balance and function within the body. To complete the process, she uses heat to bring circulation and mobilize toxins released from the tissues and when appropriate, cool stones which will flush out the area and decrease any inflammation that can occur after adhesions have been broken up during treatment.

Heidiís clients have stated that the use of stones allowed for a deep tissue treatment that was more comfortable to receive and did not produce the tenderness that can accompany deep work. It has also been noted that the stones have longer lasting treatement effects than the use of hands alone.

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